Welcome to Apollo Tool

Westfield Wisconsin

Fritz Menke & Lynn Winkelman (owners)Apollo Tool Company opened for business in a 1 car garage in the fall of 1973. Lead by its founders Fritz Menke and Lynn Winkelman, and we are recognized today as one of Wisconsin's most respected tool shops.

Here we strive for quality workmanship and prompt deliveries that help with the close relationship we have with our customers. Our primary goal is to build high quality tooling for all of our clients, by providing our customers with innovative ideas and prompt solutions, they can count on keeping the production of their products on schedule and staying up front of their competitors.

How we do it:

Our engineers and designers realize that communication is key to understanding the client’s needs and meeting their expectations. Getting a project started on the right foot helps with the manufacturing of our tools throughout each of the processes. We continually refine our methods to keep ourselves competitive with even the largest of the Midwest's tool shops.

Once a tool is released for production our Project Managers keep close watch over each step to assure that schedules are being met and that there are no oversights that could slow down our manufacturing process. Again communication and understanding plays a huge role in the Project Managers routine.

Employees have an open door policy that allows them to express their concerns and make requests to help management provide the resources they need to make a quality product. At Apollo Tool, we believe our best resource is our highly skilled team of employees. Veteran tool makers and machinists are always busy training the next generation.

Apollo Pride

At Apollo Tool we pride our self in the knowledge and experience that our highly skilled and professional staff has attained in the 40 plus years this company has been a leader in the Plastic Injection Mold making trade.

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